Michael Ten, an innovative author and artist, is dedicated to influencing critical aspects of society and individual well-being. His efforts are primarily focused on hastening the defeat of aging, a goal that aligns with his broader vision for a healthier and more enduring human experience. Through his literary works, Ten addresses the complexities and ethical dimensions of aging, advocating for advanced research and technologies to extend human lifespan. His passion for this cause is evident in his writings, where he delves into the scientific, ethical, and societal implications of aging and its potential defeat.

In addition to his work on aging, Michael Ten is a staunch advocate for economic reforms and medical ethics. He proposes innovative models for universal basic income, emphasizing privatization through non-profits or credit unions, and advocates for state-level implementation of these programs. This reflects his commitment to abundance and economic stability, addressing contemporary concerns about financial security and social welfare. Michael Ten’s contributions extend to the realm of mental health, where he campaigns against unethical psychiatric practices and human rights abuses in psychiatry and psychology. His books often explore these themes, seeking to inform and reform the practices in these fields. Furthermore, Michael Ten’s artistic endeavors include creating eclectic music, designed to evoke a sense of metaphorical flight and imbue listeners with positive vibes. As a multifaceted futurist, his work transcends traditional boundaries, blending art, literature, and advocacy to shape a more promising future. Michael Ten is director of both Tenoorja Musubi and Tenqido.