This is a Manifesto by me, Michael Ten.

The following four ideas are at the metaphorical foundations of this manifesto.

  • Help to defeat aging.
  • Help to outlaw nonconsensual psychiatry.
  • Help to implement basic income.
  • Help humans to see with spiritual vision.

This manifesto is more than that however. Everything I release artistically is part of my manifesto.

Goals (related to projects by Michael Ten) are as follows.

  1. Help to hasten the defeat of aging
  2. Help to outlaw psychiatric coercion and psychiatric human rights abuses
    • Part of this goal is to also help Earth be so awesome that no one wants to leave Earth and that all humans have an equal opportunity to experience joy, elation, and bliss
      • This should be voluntary. No one should be (nor can be) forced to embrace joy, elation and bliss
        • Trying to coerce or force others to experience joy, elation, and bliss is futile and impossible. Additionally trying to do so may have many undesirable unintended consequences.
  3. Help to implement universal basic income (UBI)
    • This could be done as crypto UBI or a state level UBI
    • This could be done by non-profit organizations or credit unions
      • Michael has written about how this could be implemented elsewhere, and also created YouTube videos about this.
    • Universal basic income could be done at a federal level, but a state level UBI, crypto UBI or UBI implemented by non-profit organizations or groups of credit unions seems much more realistic with regards to happening in a timely fashion
  4. Help humans to see with spiritual vision
    • This also involves helping humans to hear with spiritual hearing.
    • This cannot be forced and coerced. This should not be forced and coerced.
    • This and everything here has a process of education and persuasion involved.


The mission of Michael Ten is to implement his goals and vision.


The vision of Michael Ten is as follows.

  • To see his goals realized.
  • Behave inline with his manifesto.
  • To implement the aforementioned mission.
  • To see aging defeated.
  • To see Heaven on Earth established.
  • To see off Earth colonization happen.
  • To share and spread the ideas of aikido, qigong, taichi, judo, and tenqido.
  • To understand infinite time.


The manifest of Michael Ten can be found here with the most current version here.


  • Truth
  • Justice
  • Faith
  • Perfect Love
  • Limitless Peace
  • Infinite Patience
  • Wisdom
  • Courtesy
  • Righteousness
  • Patience
  • Harmony
  • Complete Relaxation