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Basic Income and Bitcoin Cash

This is a proposal for a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), a non-profit charity, or a benefit corporation.

This could sort of be a quasi decentralized autonomous organization (qDAO), which might blend a non-profit organization with some distributed aspects.

Bitcoin Cash has low transaction fees and can function as cash.

There are projects like BrightID that are attempting to negate the “need” for KYC providers when dealing with certain financial situations and activities.

Hopefully projects like BrightID can be astoundingly successful.

At this time, if there could be a nonprofit organization that creates a sort of investment trust that invests in various assets. A certain percentage of realized gains could be converted into Bitcoin Cash and then distributed to known unique individuals (verified through KYC). Perhaps projects like BrightID can be utilized in tandem/in parallel with a nonprofit that offers KYC at cost. There could be a GiveOneGetOne KYC program, so maybe individual in higher per capita GDP countries could help subsidize or pay for KYC in nations with lower per capita GDP. Or there could be funds for those that request free KYC; it could be pay what you can/want.

This could effectively a universal basic income enabled through a nonprofit, DAO, or benefit corporation. Whatever individual or group has the time and resources to have all of this happen may help humanity to experience a great deal more abundance.