Funding Ukraine

There Is Money for Ukraine, but Not Enough Money for Clean Water and Schools?

In The United States of America, there is enough money to send to Ukraine but not enough money to fund schools and affordable housing? I recently saw a post on reddit on /r/teachers (teachers The post was stating that administrators at the school told the teachers that there was no money for school supplies until November (a month or two away).

I thought about the news headlines that I have seen the last few months about the billions of dollars that The United States government and other governments are spending on weapons to send to Ukraine – to kill. That’s what weapons are for, in wars, weapons are meant to kill and destroy and decapacitate the enemy.

Over the last year or four about, I have seen headlines about decently sized cities in The United States having problems securing clean water, and problems with providing clean water to citizens. Also, in many American cities, there is lots of tent camping and houselessness/homelessness. There is a lack of affordable housing; and rather than implementing sustainable solutions to solve problems like a lack of clean water, not enough school supplies for teachers and students, and providing safe and affordable housing so people don’t have to camp in tents, the federal government is sending billions of dollars in weapons to Ukraine for the purpose of killing, destroying, and disabling.

Some might say that what I am describing should not be funded by the federal government – that clean water, school supplies and problems to a lack of affordable housing should be funded at a local level. However, I am decently sure that sometimes the federal government will fund all these things (fixing water systems, school supplies, and affordable housing) on a state, city, and county level.

Maybe it is good that The United States Federal Government is funding (helping to fund) the war in Ukraine? I am not making a statement about that one way or the other in this article/essay. What I am saying is that it seems a bit absurd that the USA federal government will spend billions of dollars to send to Ukraine weapons to kill and destroy (in Ukraine), while millions of citizens within the country (The United States) are struggling to secure or a decent education, clean water, and affordable decent housing. It seems at least a bit absurd that American politicians in USA are willing to help fund wars in foreign countries (like Ukraine), but not provide enough help the least prosperous American citizens so they can easily access decent housing, a decent education, and decent clean drinking water.