Instagram Alternatives

Web3 Developers Should Release a Decentralized Instagram Alternative

Instagram alternatives should exist. Web3 developers should release a decentralized Instagram alternative. Odysee is a Web3 (or at least partially Web3) YouTube alternative. Instagram can be fun and useful, and is utilized by hundreds of millions of humans on Earth. Instagram has both a smartphone app and also a web/browser experience. Decentralized social media alternatives can provide real value to millions or billions of humans on Earth. IPFS could be utilized to host photos and videos perhaps for such an Instagram alternative. Better Instagram alternatives should exist. Instagram suffers from censorship to a certain extent.

Perhaps there should be a social media decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that develops and maintains a decentralized Instagram alternative. There is at least one open source project to create a decentralize Instagram alternative. It is unclear how far along the development of this is, or if there is a live version.

A social media DAO that is intended to help create censorship resistant (or censorship proof) social media alternatives could be quite beneficial for many. Hopefully one or more decentralized Instagram alternatives will be developed and released so that millions of Internet and smartphone users can utilize an open source alternative to Instagram.

If nothing else, Instagram (and all social media sites/apps) should share a significant percentage of net advertising profits with content creators (users). It seems incredibly unethical and social media sites and apps earn millions to billions of dollars worth of revenue (money) from advertising, while at the same time, they rely on user generated content to attract users in order for them to view and see ads. Instagram does this, Twitter does this, and TikTok seems to do this too. Perhaps a decentralized TikTok alternative should also exist (and be built on Web3 technologies).

Hopefully more individuals will learn about Web3. Hopefully more individuals will become Web3 developers. Hopefully more social media alternatives will exist. Hopefully more social media DAO’s will exist. More individuals should promote the idea of decentralized social media that is censorship resistant (or censorship proof). Instagram should share net profits from advertising with content creators. Whether or not than actually happens, a decentralized Instagram should exist.